Sunday, December 6, 2009

Birthday Gifts!

I had a little party last night with all my friends (well, a few of them - the important ones).

I of course didn't get any pictures of the actual festivities, but I do have a lot of little gifts now.

Mullica got me some interesting books (one with little pictures of cats and one about what your birthday says about you!) and this:

Which I made coffee in this morning - it seems a little odd at first but I liked the (strong) coffee it made. I just need to get more coffee now, I'm almost out of mine for my french press!

The way it works is really interesting - it like boils up through the coffee, which goes here in the bottom:

And ends up in the top, here:

It's not technically an espresso maker, but it does make very strong italian coffee.

Molly and Amber got me everything possible from Aerie that had penguins on it, including these pj pants! (molly got me those and some adorable little necklaces: a fish necklace with matching earrings and an owl necklace - which I've also sort of planned on buying and making the Owl Sweater and wearing them together)

Mckayla made me this, which I'm currently wearing and love it!

(the wood part is a scrabble tile that she glued little picture!)

And, a little key ring named "purl".

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Cimorine said...

oh my gosh! how cute! I've been thinking about getting a Purl myself! :) they're pretty cool. very nice coffee maker! very elegant!