Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Snow Catchup

When my nana gave my bigger french press this weekend, she gave me a little cozy for it to keep "that second cup warm while you're reading the paper". I thought how I'd never have time to just sit and eat breakfast or doing anything besides get ready for work/school in the morning. On monday, I told hartford that I couldn't work today because of school work. But I guess I picked the right day!

I woke up and was quite surprised to see 6 inches of snow on the ground! I checked the weather last night and it was no where near this much predicted (and no, school is not canceled... of course not!). It was rain/snow predicted not this! It's mostly raining now, but I don't know how the roads are...

But since I have the time, I finally photographed some things I've been knitting (not everything, because I'm almost done with a pair of socks!).

First, a thorpe, for my brother.

It's much more of an emerald green in real life. This is Northhampton Bulky and I really like it. I'm thinking it's an option for the "ultimate" sweater for me (which will wait until after at least mike gets a sweater). I'd like a sort of really warm, kick around the house sweater. Kinda like the EZ percentage system sweater I knit except thicker and longer by like 4". I have a very long torso with a back that gets VERY cold!

Next, we have the morgan hat for my grandpop. It's coming out rather nicely, I've just been avoiding the the band for a couple days.

The tops rather boring, but here's the under belly!

I'm using Knitpick's City Tweed, and I do like it very much! I'm planning on a sweater out of it at some point and it wouldn't even cost very much!

Now, here's to hoping I get to school in the afternoon alright! I'm hoping to finish my uncle's second sock by the end of the week, and since I'm on the heel, this looks to be possible. After I finish these two hats, I have three more before christmas!

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