Saturday, December 26, 2009

Christmas Wrap up!

Christmas was wonderful, I got alot of great gifts (including some yarn for an OWLs sweater! from my parents) - two coats, boots, shoes, clothes, etc. My family kind of goes nuts for christmas - in a good way. My handknits were well recieved.

My brother's a bit nuts.

My cousin likes his neckwarmer.

I'm really happy with grandpop's hat.

He seems to really like it, and it fit well, it was perfect!

As for other gifts, my parents gave my cat a "scratching post" that has catnip on it, so he just sort of rolled around in the box most of the morning, and licked the post. Odd.

My baby cousin was tired, but still helped opening gifts.

He has much more a mind of his own now and is quite adorable!

His "brother" was quite silly. (they adopted the puppy a month before the baby came!)

My cousin requested a pair of knit socks, and I've also started mike's sweater. I have the yarn wound for a pair of gloves for him too! I haven't gotten very far on the sweater so there isn't much to show. I decided to do it in pieces so in case I need to frog it won't hurt so much!

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