Monday, December 28, 2009

Chugging Along

So. I know it's my vacation for the next four weeks, but apparently (this is good and bad) joann's has me scheduled for about 35 hours over the next couple weeks! Good, because I'll have more money and since for about five weeks I won't be using the gas to get to school, I'll save even more money. But last year around this time I had more time to knit (for mom, dad and mike - their birthdays are all soon!), so I'm not really used to it.

But I have been doing something - mostly buying things, but I am knitting too.

First, my dad washed my mom's scarf in the laundry and while it doesn't look too bad because we wash things in cold water, it's mostly felted. So mom requested another - a lacy one.

I cast on for a Wisp, which I've always liked and had some yarn for (which I recently gave some away on Rav, because I've had it so damn long and someone else should get good use out of it).

The pattern says to do 17 repeats. I have about 9 days. We'll see.

Mike's sweater is coming along nicely, alot of stockinette but that's what my fingers like recently.

Now, about me buying alot of things. I felt like I was alot before christmas but I realize now that that is because I gave alot of it away. Well, because they were gifts! My mom and dad actually got me some yarn for an Owls sweater, which I WILL NOT TOUCH until mike's sweater is done (which maybe hopefully will be by his birthday jan 31st...). I asked for it from webs, and I got an extra skein so I could make it EXTRA long. Like I'm planning on about 4-6 of ribbing, on top of what the pattern says. I have a long torso and my back gets cold.

I've also been commissioned (well not really) to knit a pair of fingerless gloves with a flap. My boss got me a christmas gift, and I offered to knit her something - she originally asked for a scarf, but then asked for the gloves. She picked out this yarn (at joann's where I work).

I'm really not in love with it, but I will hold judgement until I finish them. It might turn pretty! I don't think so, but we will see.

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