Monday, January 25, 2010

3 Socks and 2 More Bags!

One of my bags sold yesterday, so of course I sat down and made a couple more - only a about half an hour of my time and there's a bag made! I'm planning on making at least 4 more than maybe promoting on etsy.

Any requests for special kind of fabric? I'm going to keep an eye out for interesting patterns at work. The blue and beige one is a heavier cotton fabric, the same weight I like to use for regular purses.

Today was my first day of classes but I managed to finish two things - a pair and a single sock!

That's the Through the Loops Mystery sock pattern and I used malabrigo sock. I was thinking about frogging and making gloves, and I even put them in that category on Ravelry, but decided I loved the yarn and even though it won't last ages on my feet it'll be enough! I finished that before I went to classes (I start at 11am on mondays and wednesdays!).

Classes seem good enough, I did buy only one of the two volumes I needed for english and now I can't find the first sold individually! I kind of got myself in a pickle. The only major problem today was the rain. I had to come home after my first class to change and I still got soaked. The trashcans were filled with umbrellas, because it was so windy but it wouldn't stop pouring.

I finished these tonight - just plain socks top down for my little sister.

I used all kinds of leftovers! I need to just cast on for the second sock for the malabrigo socks before I lose the steam on them!

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Julie said...

very cute bags, and those socks are so gorgeous!! I love the brown ones especially. great job!!