Monday, January 11, 2010

FO: Fingerless Gloves Every January

Finally, these are finished! I didn't dislike knitting them but I wanted to finish them fast because, well, they're for my boss! (the title because, well, my dad got two pairs of these around this time last year and that was what I was knitting about this time last year!)

Pattern: BroadStreet Mittens from
Yarn: Serenity Sock Weight from Preimier yarns, about 1.25 skeins, probably less.
Needles: US size 1.5 (2.5mm) magic loop)

I was not too impressed with pattern nor yarn. I normally used a different pattern for fingerless gloves, as I did for my dad but I wanted to try this pattern and I will not again. It had some issues: the decrease for the top of the mitten, it says to k5 k2tog on each needle, when it really means TWICE on each needle. Also, I entirely missed that note about how you knit extra on the rest of the fingers after the pinky? The stitch counts were almost the same for each of the fingers, and while it seems to fit my boss who has smaller hands, they would never fit me!

When I make another pair of sock yarn fingerless gloves, I will return to this pattern.

As for the yarn, the price is right ($3.29 a skein, and I bought it on sale with my discount), but it's a little splitty and thin. And it's one of the yarns that cuts my hands up when I knit with it. It does have about 55% wool and some bamboo, but honestly Joann Fabrics has some other sock blends a little pricier and much better quality. They actually have their own sock yarn and it's quite lovely.

Success though. Finished and my boss has seen the first and loved it, and I'm sure she won't mind having the second!

PS: Check out this blog contest!


Emily said...

I've used the Handy Book of Knitting Patterns' glove pattern a few times (and just left off the written fingertips to make them fingerless. ;-) That's a good glove pattern and a good book in general.

Julie said...

gorgeous!! They look so warm and perfect. Great yarn, too!

Christina Scovel said...

I've decided to just randomly find people on Ravelry with blogs and check them out. One a day. You are day one. I love your blog! Now in my reader :)