Wednesday, January 13, 2010

A Day In East Haddam...

Today was a very nice day. I visited my friend McKayla down in East Haddam! We hung out for a little, made tea, had artichokes, brownies and knit. Oh yeah we also went to here:

Connecticut Yarn and Wool!

I love this yarn shop. They also do "yarn bucks" (spend 50, if you have some you can get $10 off), and they were selling alot of their older yarns at $5! I bought some for a scarf for my brother! They were all outside!

McKayla and I were happy to be there and together (we lived together at Uhartford, and haven't really hung out alot since!).

And here's the yarn for my brother's scarf:

I also finished this hat a couple days ago and I got buttons for it for at work tuesday.

Pattern: Robin's Blue Egg Hat
Yarn: Malabrigo Worsted
Needles: Size 9 circs
This is for my old roommate at hartford, well, for christmas! I'm planning on fingerless gloves to match soon!


Julie said...

wow, so much yarny goodness!! Looks amazing. And I love the hat, by the way!

Christina Scovel said...

That yarn store looks amazing. I love sale bins (although I need more yarn like I need a hole in the head).

floderten said...

That's a lot of pretty yarn for almost no money!! Envy.