Friday, January 1, 2010

Starting Off the New Decade

I decided to start the new year with a good day - I took it off a while ago so I could hang out with a hartford friend and go to webs tomorrow, but instead I hung out with an old friend and went to our LYS. Which has gotten alot more yarns since I've been in there last! I was quite impressed.

I managed to only get this picture of my purchases after the fact, when we were at starbucks.

Two skeins each of Felted Tweed and Ultra Alpaca. I'm making mittens. Lots of mittens.

I made a pillow yesterday.

Can you tell I like penguins? We got a penguin fabric the other day, the one with the blue background and I got the idea to make a quilted pillow with all the penguin fabrics I've been collecting.

I love it, the only problem is that some of the fabrics are thiner and the stuffing sort of pokes through - and I still have alot of penguin fabric left!


Kristina said...

Felted tweed is one of my new favorite yarns.

I've got a double-knit felted tweed hat on my to-knit list.

good colors!

Julie said...

gorgeous yarn, and supercute penguin pillow!! Who wouldn't love penguins?!

Lolly said...

oh my goodness! that pillow is so adorable! I love penguins, and that is precious! :D