Thursday, January 14, 2010

Yarn Update and FrankenSock!

I finished frankensock last night - a little while ago, I figured out I wouldn't have enough yarn to finish this pair without adding in a third yarn, and the grey is the closest I have to the same weight!

I don't think it looks too bad but I hope that I have enough to do something at least similar on the next sock.

Oh, and I took pictures of the rest of the yarn I bought yesterday!

That's called Fannie's Fingering weight and there was a "caramel" shade that I liked, but that yellow/brown color is something I've been buying alot of!

This is for my mom for socks. I couldn't find any of the fannie's in this blue color (with some purple, she doesn't like teal), and my friend mckayla has used this yarn alot and likes it!

Other than those socks, I've been spreading the knitting out more and more. I haven't really been flying on mike's sweater, and the french press slippers are almost done (just the strap and seaming), and I've started the other mitten. I want to finish the slippers tonight, and maybe knit on the mittens. More knitting later!


Julie said...

that new yarn is awesome!! and good luck with the frankensocks- they will be cozy inside boots and lounging at home, no matter what they look like!

ColorSlut said...

I've been working on frankensocks as well. Using up left over yarns if fun and makes me feel good about not adding to my stash.