Tuesday, February 16, 2010

In Pictures (With Words)

Today, it looked like this out side.

I got this in the mail (I ordered it because my backpack is one sided and it hurts my shoulder).

I loved this sock for the whole day knitting and knitting on it. Now, I say good bye because of this.

See? I could not get past there. Yarn is too thick, needles too thin. I could not decrease. So, adieu.

(But I kind of want to do a jig, because now I can enter them in the Ravelry olympics!!!!!)


Julie said...

woot! ravelympics! and you're so lucky to have the snow, I've been missing it this winter, it's miserable and cold, but not snowy at all.

ColorSlut said...

The snow is dreamy. Are you keeping warm? Have places been open or closed. The hearts on the backpack are classic!