Friday, February 19, 2010


This is going to be the quickest blog post ever. I have been knitting for the ravelry olympics, though my ravelry does not say so! I've also been sewing.

First, my olympic sock.

Not bad, and I've actually been watching the olympics while knitting it. (I'm using size 2s now, and a little cable pattern over 52 sts)

And this is for my boss whose birthday was this past week and her party is tomorrow!

(apparently it needs a good ironing!)

Thinking about making them for the shop. $20 a piece? Thoughts?

Then there was the camera case fiasco. I made one for my friend then it didn't fit (luckily it was not finished yet) and now I finished this one:

It fits a lot better now! (yes, he's a boy and he loves that print!)

That's all for now, I'm closing tonight, opening tomorrow but then I have sunday off!

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ColorSlut said...

Congrats on the first sock. So cool. And I love the fabric for the camera case :)