Friday, February 5, 2010

A Little Contest

So. I've been trying to read up on being an etsy seller, the dos and don'ts and all. I heard somewhere that the worst thing you can do is promote your actual etsy shop. Like put out an ad that links to it. So this is my solution. The store portion of it links perfectly to etsy, but still gives me a (free) venue to explain products and if I change things around, etc, I'll always be there.

Anyways. I'm thinking it's time for a contest. With prizes. I'd like some input about my etsy store/website. I really like making bags but I don't want to kill myself over it and then have nothing sell. So, tell me what you think should change on either site, and I'll enter your name into a random drawing. (I might get my sister's hamster involved)

Oh, yes. Someone will get this:

I might also pick out the best and send them out some back issues of Interweave Knits.

Contest will close Sunday night at 8pm EST! Thanks for all the input in advance!

(I might have a pair of socks to show by the end of the weekend, and maybe a hat!)
PS: Blogger does not give me your email addresses, so PLEASE check back. Or contact me on rav. Also, unless you're kyle, I don't know at all who Anonymous is!


Anonymous said...

The link isn't really working! :S

Hope said...

Your bags are all so pretty! One thing I have to say that needs a little improvement in your etsy shop is the pictures- I think putting the bags against a blank background (such as a wall or sheet) would make them stand out more and look a little more appealing. Good luck on your shop!


Kaity said...

I agree with Hope, solid backgrounds will make all the cute fabrics you choose really pop! I love all the prints you choose, they are so cute!

Anonymous said...

Sam, your stuff is lovely!

I am going to have to agree with the comment about pictures. When I look at other etsy profiles, the ones that interest me the most are the ones with engaging pictures. Take a look at Anthropologie or Lilly Pulitzer. They tell a great story making the customer want to buy stuff. It's all about merchandising!

Also, I see that a lot of your fabrics are either the same or similar. Try adding some solid colored bags in there for a little pop factor.

To think, I used to make a living doing this!


P.S. Have I ever told you how much I <3 owls ;)

Presents said...

Photos, always photos. Yours aren't bad, but the more vivid and bright and enticing they are, the better. Anthropologie-style is great if you can pull it off, otherwise google "homemade light box" and try one of those- that's how you get that nice clean white nothing-else-in-the-background look (which is a little boring sometimes but definitely shows off the product.) Also it'd be nice to be able to tell how big the bags were just by looking at pictures- maybe show some yarn/needles/quarters/knicknacks/etc spilling out or something like that.

ColorSlut said...

The bags are adorable. I really like your fabric choices. From the website the etsy link is broken. Can you post that link so I can see the store?

I also agree that the needle case needs a photo with needles in it!

cindy said...

I like your fabric choices :) Your photos are a good start but need more work - especially better lighting. Check out some of the pictures in this store, for example:
Try to get a camera with macro if you can - it really gives pictures a professional and artistic look. I like your descriptions :) Be sure to update your Etsy profile (maybe add some stuff you currently have on the website to there?) and shop policies to be informative.

To be honest, I don't think you need the website - for some it may be informative, but I think you can put the information in your Etsy store just as easily, and for people who want to see (and maybe buy!) your products, it's just an extra step to go through. If you do want to keep the website, I suggest making it snazzier with brighter designs. And please change the font (yes, I'm a font snob)! I think you should think about making it cheerier with a younger feel to match your products :)

Hope that was useful!