Wednesday, February 3, 2010


I started a hat for my professor.

Mike's sweater is at the decreases for the shoulders, but I'm doing it in pieces so I still have the fronts to knit.

And, I'm thinking about a pair of socks. Several of them. I'm getting an itch just to knit socks. Which is good because I have like four yarns lined up for specific socks for people!

Not very exciting, I know. But since I sewed for like a week straight instead of knitting at home, I don't have much to show! I haven't updated etsy for a couple days and I'm planning on some needle cases, which I want to start tonight. Look for them!


ColorSlut said...

The bags are amazing though!

Anonymous said...

Tonight, I made your peach muffins yet again... my family gets so excited whenever I make them!
Your sewing and knitting leaves me speechless-- you are very talented!