Wednesday, March 24, 2010

FO: Crocheted Pincushion

I did just check out Knit and Tonic's pincushion... I'm glad I'm not the only one that screwed up the putting it together part. I ended up with the first one like the size of BOTH my hands and it was missing one of the sides... But this one is really cute and the perfect size. I don't normally use pincushions, hence why there's not pins in it, but I wanted to you to see the cuteness.
(side one)

(side two)

I used six different colors but bought nine for some reason, so I think I'll make another with pink, purple and green. These colors I decided to kind of go crazy with.

I used a bit of cotton and wrapped it around the stuffing so it wouldn't come out of the holes, but as a result, the corners aren't really filled out, and I totally changed gauge within this pincushion too, just not as noticeably. But I have decided to love it. Pattern is here, and I used 1.5mm hook and six (not whole) skeins of the DMC perle cotton.

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