Friday, March 26, 2010

A Dress

(sorry about the jeans, I was cold)
I used an old navy dress that I bought for a "pattern", I unvented the sleeves and kinda winged it for the body. the hardest part were the pleats in front, which weren't intentional at first. I put it on after sewing on the piping and the neckline was like hanging down. It was not pretty, so I took some tucks in the front and back to combat this, and I think it turned out really nice. It doesn't have a zipper and I plan on buying some ribbon to wear with it, or making a sash (ran out of steam last night). I can just slip it over my head and cinch the waist with a belt. I'm really proud of it.

My original plan with this fabric was a more structured dress, like the kind I've made a few of before. But, I washed it and it came out of the dryer with about a million wrinkles, so I pouted for a couple weeks and then thought of using my old navy dress as a basis for a non-so-structured dress. It kind of reminds me of a mumu, but cute. I hope! I'm enjoying the last few days of spring break and I'm headed to hartford for the night and then WEBs tomorrow morning! (I need more yarn like I need a bullet in the head, but Mckayla's never been there, and must be educated)

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FlauschiOhren said...

Lovely! I think you are ready for summer =)