Monday, March 29, 2010

Yarn Acquisitions

Now, for the yarn. I really didn't mean to buy that much yarn and I didn't buy alot of volume, but the quality. MadTosh and I are having an affair, I have a skein of her sock yarn already and I haven't knit with it yet. But those colors! I can't even begin to explain how goregous and deep they are. She called out to me again this saturday with two more skeins.

I love purple. Alot. In any form. This is going to be my reward, I'm sure exam time will be really hard and I will allow myself to knit something with this wonderful-purpleness after that.

This is her lace weight, 990 yards of superwash merino. I realize now I have a shawl in similar colors but I have great visions for this. I'd really like to use up ALL the yardage, so we'll see what I think of.

I know there were mixed reviews of Malabrigo sock, but my favorite pair of socks currently is the malabrigo pair. Very thin which means it took a long time to knit but fits well in shoes. So this will be for my mom in a "non-bumpy" pattern so she can wear them in shoes easily.

This is the Misti Alpaca Laceweight that they have in the warehouse for $4 a skein, and I've already had some before and I had to get some more. For that price, how can you pass it up!?


Julie said...

ooh, that's a lot of supremely wonderful yarn!! great stash additions, for sure.

BeccaH said...

oooh, I'm jealous! And that mad-tosh yarn... I regret not buying some at Webs last October (time for another trip) - it keeps taunting me from other people's blogs and stashes. So pretty!

Allison said...

What beautiful colors! Looks like a wonderful collection :)