Sunday, March 28, 2010

WEBs Trip - The First of 2010

Of many, I'm sure. I really wanted to take this trip not because I needed more yarn (in no way do I need anymore yarn, I promise), but because I wanted Mckayla to see webs. Of course, she was very overwhelmed, and very happy. I also picked up/visited with one of my friends who goes to hampshire university, and met her friend, Haley!

(mckayla's tall, heather's brunette and haley's blonde)

(I really wanted that yarn, a worsted weight cotton/silk blend, but had NO idea what to make with it)

And, I've been thinking and I've pretty much decided.

I want it. It's Schacht Ladybug, and I spun on it and I loved it. I'm going to wait til May to buy it because they have the 20% off spinning wheels during the tent sale!

I'll leave you with this, I have some homework to complete and tomorrow, I'll post on my yarn purchases!

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Julie said...

wow, that place looks incredible!! what a fun day.