Friday, April 30, 2010

Fabric Stash>Yarn Stash

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I think the fabric stash is overtaking my yarn stash. At joann's, we get a double discount about every month and we normally make a trip to a larger store and well, stash enhance. I try to only buy what's on sale, so I get an extra 30% off of the sale! I bought a bunch of fabric today, most of it with plans, and I have about 4 new bag fabrics waiting for sewing! I bought some for two bags for mike's mom and my friend Mollee.

I washed almost of them after I got home!

My almost full drawers!

I also bought an iron - for $4. It was on clearance and we still get the 30% off of clearance! It's a pretty good iron, I used it to iron some of my new fabric!

I bought a pin cushion but I really don't need it, because I made one too, but it's just so cute...

Oh yeah, this is a knitting blog right? Well here's some knitting.

A collarless, zipperless otherwise finished sweater!

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ColorSlut said...

The fabric hanging looks amazing. I love fabric so much - I'd have a hard time having your job ... I'd spend all my money!