Sunday, May 2, 2010

He's a Blurry Guy: A Sweater FO

Well, this is late and going to be short - but after nearly 6 months, I finished Mike's Sweater!

Pattern: Retrofit from knitty, in one instead of two colors!
Yarn: Northampton from webs, in Pine, I think 6 skeins. (only used a bit of the 6th)
Needles: Size six and eight circs
Mods:I knit the sleeves in the round, and I totally did the back raglan decreases wrong but it worked. I also knit a size down so I could use a larger gauge to get the right size. It worked!

(yes I know these are blurry, but he's a fast moving guy, I couldn't get him to sit still. We've had some really hot weather so I didn't want to make him wear it any longer!)


Julie said...

what a great guy sweater!! nice classic shape, great colour. looks great on him, and when the weather cools off again he'll be grateful!!

ColorSlut said...

What a wonderful sweater. I bet he wears it all the time! Fits him great.