Monday, May 24, 2010

Bags, Graduations and Cats

So this weekend I went to two college graduation parties. One was for a girl I went to high school with who I haven't seen in a while, and the other was for my best friend! The girl I hadn't seen in a while I knew I should bring something with me to give to her - not that she'd think I should, just that I knew she'd appreciate it if I made something.

So I made her a little makeup bag.

I have like a yard and half of that fabric, and honestly I've been hoarding it. I love it. I never want it to leave, but it's such a small little bag. The zipper I had was only 7"!

My favorite part:

I remembered after that I had that ribbon, but still I thought it made a nice little pull.

Next up was a purse for me - I wanted to get more practice with the magnetic snaps, and try out a purse idea. I'm not sure I like the square bottom, I think I'll make the next one rounded, but I get to keep the prototype.

It's big enough for my wallet, etc and a knitting project. I wanted a smaller purse not like the giant ones I normally carry.

So, should I stick with the square bottom or go rounded? Opinions? (this will probably be a new purse type soon, I have to figure out how much fabric it takes me, etc)

And then I made another "Sandra Tote".

I'm planning on making a smaller version of the totes and calling it the "Tilly Tote" (hopefully reversible too!).

And since my best friend didn't walk (along with another of our friends) we did a mock graduation. It was really funny.

And I'll leave you with a picture of my cat napping in the dryer...

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ColorSlut said...

More great bags and I love the little ribbon on the zipper. DON'T START THE DRYER!!!! YIKES.