Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Ends of School

So, I'm almost done with school, this is my last full week. Mike's A Capella concert is tomorrow night and I'm going on my last sushi "date" with him and a couple of our friends tomorrow. It's been a good semester, and one of my friends pointed something interesting about the spring semester - it's cold as we start, but then it gets warmer, and it does the opposite for the fall...Spring semester makes me feel more hopeful. I'll end classes officially may 12th, and my last exam is may 21st.

Also, I've done some strange things in the past week. I quit coffee. I think I'm going to start up again on thursday, with some suggestions as to how to make/have the coffee that I got on Ravelry. It gives me a stomach ache which I now think has nothing to do with the coffee. Sometimes bodies are hard to figure out. I fell down the stairs yesterday too! I have a lovely welt on my thigh but I'm otherwise alright. I have done it before, in the winter with socks on, but this was our outside stair, and I was wearing flipflops and it had been raining. But I'm fine!

This week I'm working a total of 13 hours (nothing compared to my usual schedule) so I hope to get a lot of knitting done. Now that mike's sweater is done, I'm looking forward to finishing the two pairs of socks I have OTN, and maybe starting a shawl. I also have the yarn for a sweatervest that I got at Rhinebeck and it'd be nice to have it done by fall. In theory.

Anyways, I did do a medium sized shop update yesterday, 5 new bags, with 4 new patterns. PS I don't know if I've ever mentioned this but I normally buy 15" of material and get two bags out of it. So if one you liked is gone, I either have more of the fabric or can get more. Just ask!

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