Saturday, June 19, 2010

Amy Butler Skirt!

So I was going to just do a post about the new fabrics I bought. Well, I started sewing one the other day, and now this:

Is this:

I happened to have a 7" zipper, and some white fabric, and now I have a skirt! I used about 1.5 yards, and made up my own pattern! I originally was going to use elastic, and when I did that it was bad. Then I realized what I was seeing in my head wasn't elastic, it was a zippered skirt. So I took apart the elastic top and put some pleats in it, planned out where the zipper would go (it had to be center back because I already had put pockets in it), and then figured out how the white waistband would fit in. (that was probably the most complicated part) I used some Amy Butler fabric I got at the fabric shop this week. I need to make more of these for sure!

This is center back of the skirt:

Then, this is how the top closes:

The people I worked for at the costume shop would be proud - you can't really see the metal!

And here's the pleats:

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ColorSlut said...

I love Amy Butler's fabric and patterns. Great job on this! I made her layered skirt. You should look at that pattern. Super fun!