Monday, June 21, 2010

New Fabrics - Finally!

So I wanted to show you my new fabrics before I sewed them all up! Obviously, that skirt in my previous post was some of the fabric I bought - Amy Butler, and now I've been scouring etsy for some more fabric - though I should really visit my fabric stash first.

In other news:

Those are some of my new fabrics. I bought a 1/2 yard of each, so I plan on making a box bag and a matching drawstring bag (ehm, I feel a sale coming on just to let you know...)

This I love but sadly, as you can see in the close up, it's bled a little in the wash. Just enough for me to notice! So, I made a box out of it tonight but I'll probably end up offering it at discounted price.

I bought more Amy Butler Fabric, this time for bags.

And this I love, just made a gorgeous box bag out of it (will list it tomorrow, it has a red rose lining)!

Last but not least, my mom finished my ad, she wants to make another soon and I have a friend that's also making another!

That's all for now, I've been babysitting my less-than-2-year-old cousin which means more money, less free time - but he's super cute!


AndiPants said...

It's a bummer that that fabric bled. It's definitely my favorite of your new fabrics.

ColorSlut said...

I love the new fabrics and your banner is SO CUTE!