Sunday, June 27, 2010

FO: Sweater Vest for Me!

Pattern: Bracken, only exceptionally longer (pattern is a "waistcoat" so I made it like 5" longer!)
Yarn: Sliver Moon Farms Superwash DK 8 ounce skein, with bits of another color, because I wouldn't have had enough yarn if I didn't make those stripes!
Needles: Size 6 Knitpicks interchangeables.
Mods: The stripes at the waist, in the edging, and the length. Oh and I didn't have the pattern when it came time for the button holes, so I made it up. But I think it's very close to the pattern.

I like it though I wish I had put in the length before the waist decreases, because the waist doesn't sit at my natural waist, but it fits really well.

I like this pattern alot. It's a great simple women's vest pattern, and I've used it twice now. I like how skinny the shoulder part is, and I like the way the v-neck and armhole shaping is. The shoulder part is a mere 4 sts wide, and it looks funny but once you do the ribbing it looks really nice. However, it's meant to be a "waistcoat" aka something that if I only knit the length in the pattern would be at my midriff because I have a freakishly long torso. So I added length both times I made it, and this is a good length I think. Though the waist doesn't hit me at the right place, I think this is a sucess, and I have put it away for the fall, but I have a couple t-shirts that would go nicely if there's a cool day before October!

Oh and this yarn from Sliver Moon Farms, I got it at Rhinebeck and it is awesome. Just great. I'm going to get more at Rhinebeck, hopefully for a sweater for my mom! (PS - Buffy is totally playing on my computer throughout the pictures!)


Lolly said...

Yea! Looks lovely! I really like the red details :)

Grace said...

This is really, really cool!

And I, too, have Buffy to thank for getting my through my biggest summer projects.

Julie said...

what a fantastic vest!! the contrasting colours look great.

ColorSlut said...

I love the vest and Buffy in the background is just classic!