Saturday, June 26, 2010

Bag for Dad, and Almost FO

Several things have been done. I made my dad a bag for his disc golf, complete with beer pocket and everything!

I also bought some yarn at joann's yesterday - some for max's sweater.

I'm going to make Steggie for him for christmas. The larger Joann's I went to yesterday had solid color bamboo blend sock yarn!

I love it. And as a sneak peak, here's some not-quite-finished pictures of my sweatervest!

(held together with a yarn needle, oh and I made that necklace!)

I bought two sets of buttons, and I'm going to use the blue for the sweater.

The wood was just too pretty to pass up and I might buy another card when my store gets more in.

Anyways, I'll do a "real" FO post when it finishes blocking. I'm going to out to sushi tonight!

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