Monday, August 16, 2010

Life is Getting in the Way of Blogging.

I've pretty much decided to leave Joanns, several things have led up to this and I've been offered a job at a shoe store, and GAP is calling tomorrow about a second interview. But we'll see.

But this has been hard, I hate indecision. Like I'm considering just taking the shoe store offer because I hate not knowing.

I've been knitting my cousin's sweater and I'm even farther on the hood then it shows here.

And a quilt for him! I'm just starting on a small one so then later I can work up to a big one!


Julie said...

That dino sweater is so cute!!!

ColorSlut said...

SO CUTE! Adorable both of them. I agree on life getting in the way of blogging. My blog has been suffering!

Toile-dAraignee said...

I think you should just take a deep breath, and go to your GAP interview. Don't take the offer at the shoe store yet, tell them you're reviewing your possibilities, or something.

The dinosaur sweater is adorable, and the quilt is so cute!