Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Christmas Thinking Ahead

So now that's it's getting closer to fall, I think most knitters are gearing up and stocking up. I knit gifts for christmas. I've always loved Christmas, and the main reason is really, truly the giving part of it. My grandmother, mom and aunt all know how to knit and all sew pretty often. I'm pretty happy to say, my family appreciates the knits I give them. However, there's only so many socks you can give one person. This isn't really a problem with my extended family, I give them one pair of knit socks or mittens or whatever a year. My parents, though, have alot of socks. My dad told me he has too many and gave them back! My brother and sister though luckily still have growing feet so I have two pair to make for them this winter.

So here's some new yarn I bought in preparation for socks this winter!

That's for my other twin cousin, the sister of the one I'm currently knitting socks for.

And for my uncle, their father:

Now to get knitting...

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ColorSlut said...

I have started Christmas knitting already as well!