Tuesday, August 31, 2010

A Quilt Top

I had my first day of classes yesterday. I like most of them so far, but I have three once a week classes, so I still haven't had three of my normal classes yet. Today is supposed to be hot hot hot, and of course I have class in one of the non-air conditioned buildings.
I liked all the classes I had yesterday and today I have one class I probably won't like (it's a science gen ed required course). But that's only one course!

In other news, Max's quilt top is almost done. I have to put one of the two planned borders on, then measure it, because I have a feeling it's going to be very large. Or at least twin size when I didn't really expect it to be!

Now of course I need to start thinking about the quilting part. My mom is kind of freaking about me quilting any of it on her machine - or even my machine, her old one. She thinks it could break the machine. Any opinions? I think I'd need to go slow and be careful, and I'm hoping on the middle parts my nana can help me, but do I need to hand quilt it? I thought machine quilting was something that was fairly normal?

And since schools started, I'm up to knitting in class again. Except, my aunts shrug has taken one step forward and two back. I misread the directions (so easy for this pattern) and knit a whole section that was unnecessary and of course needed to be ripped. Oh well, I'm back on track now. I'm glad I went and reread the directions because I did have a sinking feeling that I was knitting the damn thing wrong but the first read though, I didn't see where I was going wrong! I'll take some pictures if I ever make any measurable progress!


ColorSlut said...

Looking fantastic! I'm sure Max will love it.

setinink said...

I know you can quilt smallish quilts on a normal machine, although I've never tried it. Generally you need a very large special machine to quilt large quilts though... but like I said, I haven't had much experience myself.

Anonymous said...

Its McKayla!
My mom tried machine quilting once and it was a semi disaster. It was just too big to fit. Unless you get an arm, it may be a jammed mess.