Saturday, September 25, 2010

Apple Picking on a 85 Degree Day

I had a nice afternoon, even though it was really hot. Only a 85 degrees for the end of September! We went apple picking.

Most of the aisles had signs as to what apples where in it.

Then there was that sign! It was so cute.

And there's my current Christmas sock in progress. This particular one is for my uncle, out of Paton's Sock Yarn, just a plain garter rib pattern. I need to make only like 6 or 7 pairs for christmas so I'm starting early. This one I'm knitting on size 1.5s, because I've gotten smarter! And I've been working on the shawl, I've gotten pretty far! I'll show some progress soon.

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Julie said...

I love apple picking!! I recently went as well, and got waaay too many apples. That sock is looking awesome!