Tuesday, November 16, 2010

New Spinning

A couple people asked me about my photos in the past couple posts: I have a point and shoot Cannon Powershot camera. It's a couple years old, and I don't know if they even make it anymore, but honestly, the best tips for ANY camera is use natural light. All the time. No excuses. Or find a really good light that doesn't cast a yellow tint on what you are photographing. Also, I love closeups so I use the macro setting. Marco is normally the little flower symbol on the camera and is great for closeups of yarn or knits!

I spun this yarn over the past year. I bought it at Rhinebeck and started it right after - I wanted a 3ply sock weight. I just finished it this weekend, I have this skein, about 250 yards and then another little skein of 50 yards.

Mike picked it out, and I didn't even notice the sparkles until I plied it! It's very consistent though, I'm happy with it. I started spinning my archaeology project, I will take pictures of it this weekend. I started Mike's Mom's Annis Shawl over again, and again and again because you have to cast on almost four hundred stitches. I took the first part out because I was knitting it on size 7s - it was too small. So I cast on with two extra repeats! Wish me luck!


Julie said...

it's beautiful!! It looks professionally spun, for sure. I love the tiny hints of sparkle!!

Merenwen said...

Wow. That is a gorgeous shade of green. Nice job! :)