Friday, November 19, 2010

Mostly Scarf Frustration

So I've actually started spinning my archeology project, which I have to finish this color and another color (about 3 ounces each of hopefully sport weight yarn) and then knit at least part of a mitten. This picture is from before an hour or so of spinning, so I have a little more done.

I'm having major problems currently with carding the stuff. It apparently is either beyond me or I'm missing something about how to make a rolag... And I have problems with little nubbs of fiber that are really short hairs that get in my spinning and create lumps. I'm not too worried about this but, still.

I've been carding as I go, hoping that at some point there'll be an Ah-ha! moment in this mess.

Other than occasionally spinning and freaking out about the amount of work I have for school, I have been knitting a bit. But, I knit enough to have finished this scarf/shawl about three times, at least that's what I feel like! I cast on originally almost 1.5 weeks ago, and then, I realized it would be too small monday, after getting to the short row shaping (knitterly denial, right down to the last minute, that was). Then, I ripped. Monday night I cast on approximately 70 different times before I got the right amount of stitches in the right pattern on the right needles (to complicate this, I decided to change from my size sevens to size eights AND add two pattern repeats to lengthen it). Last night, I realized that though I had thought that I figured out the short row stuff to include the extra repeats, I was off by about 5 stitches. Rip. Urgh. But I'm here for now.

But I think I'm goo now. I hope. (This is an Annis Shawl, in malabrigo lace weight)

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