Saturday, November 27, 2010

Skirt, Stash and Christmas

Just have a couple unorganized, unrelated (mostly) thoughts. First! I've been making skirts (well one is done, one is cut out and one is in fabric form waiting for the prewash), because apparently it took me a three years of wearing skirts in the winter to realize if I wore heavier, lined, fitted skirts I'd be warmer. So I took the bottom half of a dress pattern I liked and I made one on Wednesday. I had some problems having enough fabric, but it was mostly because of the width - it was 51 instead of 54 inches wide. Sneaky, sneaky.

It's purple really. It was unfortunately a bad choice to wear on thanksgiving - it was tight on my waist and then I had dinner and three (little!) slices of pie. This one is a polyester blend outer skirt with a polyester lining, the next one will have the same lining and a wool outer skirt (which will sadly be dry clean only). I have some more that's cotton but it's flannel like for another plaid one too.

I used 7/8 of a yard of both fabrics and to get a fold for both parts of the skirt I folded the fabric to the middle! I was very happy my mom taught me that!

Now, I'm sure I've mentioned before, my aunt knits and spins (my mom and nana knit too) and she gave me my wheel, and lent me the carders for my project and in general has just given me pretty cool stuff! So I came home with this bag full of roving/yarn last night.

The dark stuff is all alpaca, the one in the middle is processed top and the rest is uncarded. The white on the left is roving, a merino blend. There's some mohair as well.

And that's flax top! I'm pretty excited to try that out. And there's a bag of already spun yarn from the top. I think I might skein and dye it. I'm going to split the roving with my new-to-spinning friend, the alpaca roving is a pound and three ounces!

This is the list of christmas gifts! I have a little key so I know what I'm doing and how far I've gotten. I'm doing pretty well, considering I have about a month!

Bold means finished

Means have no yarn not started

Means have yarn and started

Have yarn not started

    1. Finish Kim's Scarf
    1. and mittens
    1. Ben's slippers from scarf yarn
    1. Nana's Socks
    1. Shawl for Ally
    2. Scarf for Dawn Brown
    3. Hat for Momma
    4. Cowl Mustache for alex uncle?
    1. Andy's socks
    2. Jen's Socks
    3. Caroline's socks.
    4. Ben's Scarf (frogged)
    1. French Press slippers for jillian
    2. Inese Liesl Sweater

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