Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Dreggs of Christmas

Christmas came and went, and I recieved many gorgeous gifts (highlights: Harmony DPN set from my parents, lace blocking wire, a purple peacoat, from my cousin, and a box full of fabric from my aunt anne) and gave a lot too. I gave momma (mike's grandmother)
her hat:

And a lot of other knitted gifts that I didn't get pictures of! But they all seemed to be a hit!

The truffles I made were VERY chocolate-full and although they were liked, we still have leftovers.

My grandfather Burt was at it again this year, and made my cousin Max a wooden train set and a chest of blocks!

I told Burt a couple months ago I wanted a shelf with drawers in the bottom, gave him a drawing and measurements. I told him, whenever you can finish it is fine with me! Well, on Christmas he showed me the almost completed shelf and said one week!

It's absolutely gorgeous in real life, and the bottom slot will have drawers in it. I wanted to get rid of my desk in my room that I never use and I though a wide shelf with drawers would be the perfect solution.

Our white new england christmas came a day late, and I think we're all thankful! Except for maybe this cardinal, he probably never wanted it to come!

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