Sunday, December 12, 2010

Huh? Less than two weeks?

Oh yes. I have a blog. I also have finals next week and an ungodly amount of Christmas knitting to do (mental note: do not knit for christmas next year, you will have your senior thesis and an internship. DO NOT knit!).

I have a hat and a pair of slippers I haven't started. I have a half done Liesl sweater. I have a shawl for Mike's sister that I'm about half done with. I have a cuff of a mitten that I think will be too big.

The grey is the Liesl, which is into the body part now, the blue is the shawl, I need 11 repeats of the pattern, I've done 8 (?) then I have to do the edging, and the green is the possibly too big mitten.

And the orange is going to be a hat (in theory) and the blue will be slippers! Wish me luck!

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Andi said...

If the mitten is too big you can always pretend that it is supposed to be an oven mitt.

Good luck with your finals!