Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Exam Time and Christmas Time Collide

I currently am right in the heat of exams. I have mostly essays: 4 of them, and only one "real" exam. I'm not worried about the actual exam at all, but I've finished three of the four essays, and started the last, which only needs to be four pages. And I already wrote one!

It's looking very much like Christmas around the house, which sends me into a panic, thinking about all the knitting and wrapping I need to do before Christmas! I have to block some socks and then I have about 10 knit items to wrap up before christmas, and I have to find a frame and mat some of my drawings...

But in about 36 hours, I will be done with this semester. Thank god. I still need to finish so much knitting.

I am on the edging of Ally's shawl though!

Wish me luck on exams!

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