Thursday, January 20, 2011

FO: Toddler Socks

After I finished my mom's sweater the other day, I promptly cast on for two more projects (one, an Owls sweater that I've been planning for a while, and a cowl too!). And now, I feel like there's nothing I *have* to knit, so I've been switching around, focusing on different project what seems like for an hour then switching again.

These little socks I started to get rid of some leftovers almost entirely (this was mostly successful. I have a bit left but I should keep it for darning).

Pattern: Cast on 40, heel on 20, decreased to 44.
Yarn: Sheep Shop 3, Sherbet
Needles: Size 1, 2.25.

They are for my cousin Max that I babysit all the time, and hopefully today I may get some pictures of him wearing them. But I have to somehow act like I really don't want him to wear them then maybe he'll want to... or I could try to put them on my feet and he'll be jealous and want them? Anyone have any suggestions to get a two year old to wear things you want him too?

I've been doing really well on my yarn diet - I've knit about 200 grams of yarn, (probably more) and I haven't used up my yarn "credit" yet. I'm even thinking I should try to knit twice as much of the weight of yarn before buying more. I realized I really need to plan out before Rhinebeck this year - like buy no yarn from May to October and knit like a mad woman because I normally buy 600 grams + of yarn there! But I'm thinking this year, I should try not to buy a sweater's quantity, unless something really grabs me! I can't believe I'm planning all this in January for October!!!

But, currently, I've been splitting my queue on Ravelry up, into things that I have the yarn for and am planning on knitting and things that I will knit someday but I don't have the yarn for. I have a lot of sock yarn currently that I want to knit shawls out of. Any favorites that are not-so well heard of?

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Julie said...

I'm so impressed with your yarn diet!! those socks are very cute.