Tuesday, February 1, 2011

FO: Socks of a Spy!

Currently avoiding my painting homework. It's a reproduction painting. Argh, it has a little cupid in it and he just looks terrible. But yesterday was Mike Brown's birthday and conviently I finished his socks!

Pattern: Plain socks, 64 sts, then 66 on the foot
Yarn: Several. Left over black sock yarn, and both the others are Online Supersocke.
Needles: 1.5 Us size dpns.

These were fun to knit, and I'm hoping to do a similar thing with the other leftovers I have. I have a lot and they all are pretty sizable. Now that I made a yarn diet, I'm really not buying yarn, except if the project is urgent - and not urgent for me, but for other people. My grandfather who has been a huge support and always interested in my education made me the awesome shelf I had a picture of a couple posts back. I sent him a thank you letter offering up any type of knitting and he asked for a pair of socks. So I bought some grey yarn for that but that's IT so far! Not bad for me, at least.

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