Wednesday, February 2, 2011

What I'm Into:

Law and Order SVU on Netflix
I have had two snow days, this is the second. I am getting the message: yes, universe, I will knit. I've been watching Law and Order SVU constantly. I watched it a lot during winter break and I found myself depressed. I wondered why. Then I realized what I had been watching constantly! So, I will try not to watch it as much.

I don't want to shovel. But we have a giant driveway. L-shaped and has a wall on one side so, it's diffcult to shovel up and over. Luckily, dad mostly snowblows everything.

I knitting this whole day. This weekend I'm going to Vermont, I'm pretty excited. I had school Monday, no school Tuesday or today and then classes tomorrow on Thursday, no classes on Friday. We leave at 2pm for Vermont. Very excited! When I was younger, we would go and I would snowboard or ski. I only do it once a year so it ended up that I was in major pain the next day. So I gave up on that! We go there, and I might sled or ice skate, but mostly I'll knit and play with my little cousin! I'm going to try to finish my Owls sweater before this weekend but we'll see (I'm on the sleeves!).

Credit for "What I'm Into:" from Julie!

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