Sunday, February 20, 2011

Apparently, I'm Reviewing Things

A lot of things have happened this week.
A couple big personal things, so I'm not going to talk about them for a while.
As for knitting, I finished a cowl. I'm waiting for it to dry.
I'm leaving for Chile in a couple (3?) weeks and I'm really excited. It'll be a nice distraction. I'm like going crazy looking for solid alternatives to liquids like shampoo, etc because we're not checking luggage. So I bought solid shampoo from an etsy seller. I'm really impressed with it. It lathered up really easily but it did make my hair feel odd and I did have to rinse it with vinegar but I've read that eventually your hair gets used it.

I've bought a lot of things for this trip, and I'm not even two weeks away! I'm still planning on making at least one skirt (we have to wear pants even though it's going to be warm because we'll stick out like sore thumbs otherwise!). I bought Tom's Classic shoes, which I've been planning on for a while but when I realized I had no walking shoes? I had to buy them, and I bought a pair of walking brown sneakers as well.

The sneakers I've owned a pair in the past and I wore them to Europe when I visited with my grandfather in high school. I think we got them when I was about 13, and I still had them when I was 17. Holes and all, I loved them. Cute, but still had support and not too stiff so you don't get blisters when you break them in. I normally wear boots, flats or sandals, I rarely wear sneakers. I don't run in these, but really, it takes a lot for me to like a shoe. Also, they are not unfriendly to the wide footed people. I have wide feet that are not wide enough for wide size, so these are perfect. My new pair is good so far, I wore them two days and it was nice to not be walking flat on the ground like I normally am with boots or flats in the winter!

As for the Toms, I cannot speak for them personally, but I have a friend and her and her boyfriend love them. I think they're both on the second pair of them. My friend actually wore threw the fabric of the toe rather fast, and when she called Tom's replaced them for her!

Another thing is that I discovered this ice cream. I bought it at whole foods but I'm hoping to find it in my local Stop and Shop (which has a natural foods section). I'm lactose intolerant, as well has being allergic to Lactaid pills, so I have few options when it comes to ice cream. This coconut stuff? It was so good. It was not low fat in any way but it had a handful of ingredients - and get this - I could read and pronounce ALL of them(I got the dark chocolate flavor). And if you're on a "no processed sugar diet" it fits into it, with only agave syrup as sweetener. Obviously, it tastes like coconut milk, so if you're not a fan, I couldn't suggest it. But it's heaven for a coconut lover/non-dairy consumer. It wasn't cheap but, for the occasional treat it would be fine.

I didn't really mean to review things in this post but I guess that's what it turned into? I think I will try to post this weekend about knitting! I'm hoping to sew but I'm making no promises! And just so everyone knows, I bought all this stuff myself and I'm getting no kickbacks from the companies/sellers!

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