Sunday, February 13, 2011

Race Towards Thursday

Every week just feels like a race to me, it's like I just go go go. I know I do have more time than I used to, but six classes and working like 12 hours is a lot. I end up on thursday night with my room a wreck and tons of homework to do that weekend (yes, my weekend starts thursday night. I have no class friday, but I babysit friday).

Before the race starts tomorrow I have a couple things to update on. This weekend I went to Northampton with a couple friends. Although we did go to Webs, we also walked around the town a lot. I'm looking forward to going back soon, because it was great spending the day there. Tons of little shops, not overpriced and lots of neat stuff. We went out to breakfast at Sylvester's, which was awesomely delicious. We all got the twobytwobytwo, pancakes/french toast, eggs and bacon. I got cinnamon bun french toast. It was the best!

Mckayla had apple pancakes and did like them, despite this face.

Mullica liked the fresh squeezed orange juice!

I don't remember why they were doing this, but they were "psyching" up to go to Webs! It was a really great day. I also got some yarn (one ball! can you believe it?) at Webs, as well as some plastic needles that were cheap so hopefully security on the plane to and from Chile won't take them away!


Gracey is not my name.... said...

Northhampton is an awesome and not just for Webs..I'll be heading there this week myself...when are you going to Chile?

Anonymous said...

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