Thursday, March 29, 2007

Things I have discovered...

1. Boys don't like mittens. Don't ask me why, they just don't.
2. Magic loop is faster and easier.
3. Socks are the best things to knit.
4. Generally, with yarn, you get what you pay for. Knitpicks, etc, is cheap but I find their sock yarn is not soft and don't stretch. (I'll probably use them for gifts) ....
5. Felting is fun (believe it or not) and it is worth the work.
6. Dads, while very appreciative of hand knits, is often a boring person to knit for (however, the man does my laundry, so I got to give him at LEAST two pairs of socks).
7. Knitting blogs are (ironically) good to read while knitting, but can cause way too many WIPs.
8. Teach a boy to knit, and he will care more about your rants about yarn (He's such a good guy, to put up with a girl like me...).
9. Eunny Jang is a goddess.
10. Knitting is more fun then homework.

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