Saturday, April 7, 2007

My plans...

There are many, many of them. I started this blog to track them, because I wouldn't be able to alone, what with the tangled mess my brain is. (I remember stupid, pointless things like the date Knitty submissions are due, yet fail my AP history quiz).

Listed in order of conception:

Plan #1: Sew Large amounts of my prom dress, so it is finished for at LEAST the two weeks before prom, so I can hem/adjust it. (I HATE hemming)

Plan #2:
Finish and write pattern for the little slipper sock, version 2.0. (Yeah, right like I'll finish that before May)

Plan #3: Start that cardigan I've been talking about for about two months (Started, but it looks strange. Too small).

Plan #4: Finish Jaywalkers by the end of the weekend (this will happen if! I ever get off the computer. Ha.).

Plan #5: Start the Twisted socks from VK fall 06, bring them with me to trip.

Plan #6: Acquire more money, and buy more sock yarn, preferably Lorna's Laces. Happy, happy, joy, joy.

Progress on sewing prom dress:

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I've actually made more progress, but I had to rip out a seam, so I decided not to photograph it.

And proof that my mom is to thread and sewing as I am to yarn:

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