Saturday, January 5, 2008

Can You Tell I'm Cold?

(Beef soup, Ice Queen and Tea get along very nicely)

That is literally all I've done today. Well, I had some pancakes and strawberries this morning after waking at 10:30 (Gotta love weekends!), and computered/knitted all day so far.

My mom and my family are going to peel me out of this computer chair at 5 and go to my Nana's to have a birthday dinner for my mom.

Where, of course, I can not knit Ice Queen. The beads make it impossible to knit it anywhere but home.

(Truest to color picture I've gotten so far)

I think I have a sickness. I've been thinking about buying more yarn all day, and my boyfriend said if I go with him to the guitar store, he'll take me to a yarn store. (We both have a sickness - but different strands) Where of course, I'll say I won't buy yarn, not want to buy yarn and then buy yarn! I don't understand either.

I think I want some Smooshy.

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