Wednesday, January 9, 2008

In Which One Promptly Finishes One Thing And Starts Another

So I just finished that sock last night, right?

And this is the next one.


I just finished my college stuff.


Then there's this. (Ignore the sock, look at the music!) By this I mean, the musical that I'm trying out for. I'm nervous as hell. This of course, is the year that we get a new director that doesn't give a crap about seniority (I'm a senior). I have a decent voice, but "Into the Woods" requires you to jump as much as an octave and a half in one song (middle C to a HIGH G). I'm trying out for the singing bit this afternoon. And acting tomorrow.

I really want to be Jack's mother. I am a motherly person, and I choose a motherly monolouge for that reason - it comes easily to me. Wish me luck!

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Floderten said...

Ooh good luck!! I hope you get it. :)