Monday, January 14, 2008


Today, once again, was a lovely snowday, full of yarn browsing and knitting. I finished some handwarmers for Ally, my boyfriend's sister whose birthday is this week.


I've spent the last two days doing NOTHING! It's driving me crazy. Well, yesterday I had an excuse, my two best girl friends and I stayed up really late talking about everything under the sun. We had to catch up, we had not had a good "session" since the end of the summer!

Unfortunately, because of the snow day, we don't know what the play's cast is yet. I'm fine with any part (I want Jack's mother as you all know, but I'll take what I get), as long as people who don't deserve things, get what I've wanted and worked hard for. *sigh* I'll tell you the outcome tomorrow. I just know you'll be glued to your seats until then! :)

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