Thursday, January 17, 2008

RANT=pictureless post!

So, remember how I wanted a part in my school play?

Yeah, about that. I got a bird - the lowest, most degrading part he could have given me. I'm a senior, and of course this year we switched directors, and he doesn't care about seniority, so I got a bird. I don't talk, I don't sing, I peck. SO irksome.

I know I'm a good actress. I am not great, but I am better than some who tried out. Just so annoying. It's my freaking senior year...

But at least I get to do costumes for the show!

(Back to knitting Saturday)

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Sarah said...

Oh, that sucks!

I still remember my 3rd grade play, when parts were handed out by lottery. I was a bird - I mean, I had a singing part, but it was in unison with three other birds, and it was the silliest part. While the lead parts couldn't even sing or act or anything.

It's really frustrating when a new director comes on and doesn't respect how things used to be done. It sucks that you had to wait 3 years to get your chance and now you're a bird.