Monday, February 25, 2008

Lack of FOs

So, according to blogger, I started blogging a year ago today. Now, I think back to a year ago, and I don't seem that much different. Hopefully my writing style has changed (it was VERY dry) but other than that, and taking better pictures, I haven't changed much.

Sadly, I don't have much to show you other than WIPs on my anniversary.


I have heels! This was on sunday, but I haven't gotten very much farther. I knit quite a bit on the sweater's sleeve, but then I found I made an unfixable mistake about 6 inches back - rrrrrip.

Well, I do have one FO, but that's a research paper, and it's 7 pages long. I know to some that seems like nothing, but when I was a freshman I was convinced I would NEVER write more than 5 pages for a school paper. It feels good to prove myself wrong. And it's something I'm proud of.

(Happy blog-versary to me, Happy blog-versary to me, Happy blog-versary to me!)


Mike P. Brown said...

Happy Blog-versary to you.

Floderten said...

Happy blog-versary!! :)