Sunday, March 2, 2008



We've got snow again. It's actually getting sort of annoying, that we keep having snow on days there's no school the next day. But it provides a good opportunity for knitting, which, surprisingly, is actually being done. (but other than knitting, I've done ABSOLUTELY nothing this weekend, it's been great)

We have a sleeve of the Printed Silk Cardigan! Now, I don't what percent of the sweater a sleeve is, but it's less then 25% right? More than 5%? I just don't know.


(Making a sweater in pieces doesn't make for very good blogging)

I started a scarf, for my mom. She lost her old a while ago, and offered to buy the yarn for new one. (of course I said yes)


Cascade 220, Shifting Sands Scarf, size 8 needles.


I haven't knit much on these socks, but look how fraternal they are! They look nothing a like!

Oh, and spinning too, to the point where my left shoulder has been complaining loudly!

This is the roving I got Friday, but only about 10 grams.


Weirdly enough, the true colors only show with the flash. I have boring white singles from some superwash merino I bought on Thursday, but, well, they're boring white singles. I plan on dying them with some acid dyes my school has.

(OH, and Muir? I've done nothing on her. I think I'll have to steal the needles from her and put her on straights, because I need the circ for the sweater, so I think she'll start to hibernate)

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