Wednesday, April 30, 2008

YarnHarlot Sunday

So on Sunday, I went with my two good friends, Beki and Jill to see the yarnharlot at webs.

And Wow. Just WOW. This was my first "fibery" event, and it's just great. I belong. Everyone knows why I stood in WEBs holding some silk silver and closed my eyes. In fact, a woman came up to me and started to pet it with me! (She told me she didn't spin, and I said she should!)

I met a few people. Well, first, I saw Gail again (the Kangaroo Dyer) and I got to show her the finished sock! (she also gave me some roving, but I'll show you that later). I walked off into the din (there were thousand people there) and started looking for Beki, and someone asked me where I got the roving, and I told her about Gail, etc. She asked my name (told her my real name first) and then she recongized my ravelry name! Turn's out she's somebunnylove, a moderator of the Destash group! (which i frequent, because don't you know, I need yarn?). Weird! We had a nice little chat, I asked her if she had seen a little girl, about beki's height with brown hair, and she laughed because I could not remember anything distungishing about Beki!

We had a little adventure in NoHo after that. I thought it was 12:30 (it actually was only 12:00), so we walked down to the theatre, and remembered it was only 12, and that we had seen a cafe on the way from WEBs (I didn't want to move the car). So we walked back. We didn't see it, and turned around before we got to WEBs, and walked back up near the theatre. STILL didn't see it. Came to the conclusion that we were idiots and hadn't walked far enough (which, sadly, was true).

We sat there for a while Beki and Jill had some sour lemonade, and I had a smoothie. At about 12:40, I started seeing alot of people walk by. Not just any people. Sweater, shawl, and sock clad people, some time even people with sweaters on their babies. That's when I realized that we should go get in line.

I stood next to this woman who was making a Hemlock Ring....


A doily, that is.

And when we got in the theatre, I sat a few seats down from that woman, and right next to someone who was knitting the same pattern.


Needless to say she was not knitting it on size 000000 needles.

Then, the main event. (which I just can't summarize and I'm not going to try)


We went back to the WEBs bead store after, and I had to go to the bathroom. I braved my way, and stood in line to a nice girl with really awesome green monkeys and was clad in shoes that matched the awesome ness of the monkeys, and walked back out of WEBs (yes, I did look at yarn. I didn't buy any!!!). I walked out of the door, turned to my right...AND THERE WAS JESS! You know, ravelry Jess! I said "You're jess!" (I never get starstruck, but Knitting people!).

Jess:"Yeah, I am"

And I didn't take a picture. Duh. I don't think sometimes.

More about knitting and fiber intake later. I have to actually do homework. (I'm a senior, I normally do it in school)

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Anonymous said...

I'm sooo jealous you got to see the Yarn Harlot AND go to WEBS. Sounds like the perfect day!