Saturday, May 10, 2008


So a while ago, I set up a store because of my bags and wallets I made. I've stopped making them, mostly because around christmas, my school had a holiday fair and I sold all of them there. Yes, I still have a LARGE and room-consuming fabric stash. I just don't feel like sewing anymore.

So anyways, I just put up a few bags there about three months ago, and took them down before the fair. So I just had a empty etsy store. But! Then came that wheel. And I've been producing these lovely yarns with nothing to knit them up for. Now, I'm selling them on etsy.


Let's just talk about the prices for a minute. Yes, they are much more expensive then regular yarn. And well, that's because they're handspun. It takes me longer to spin the yarns than just dye some yarn. Just so you know!

Also, a bit about the yardage. I really don't think I'm measuring it right, because the heaviest weight I have on the site now is a heavy worsted. With 124 yds for 100 grams! It makes no sense. But, I love all the yarns that I have up right now. They'd all make a nice hat, pair of mittens, etc. Christmas may seem far away, but really that's an illusion.

So check my store out please! Thanks! (it's the the side there. See it?)

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